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College Prep Courses

(AGP) has developed multiple college prep courses to meet the evolving needs of each high school student. These courses can complement our consulting and test prep services, or be taken individually by the student. 

Application & Essay Workshop

Cost: $450

Objective: Refine your student’s application content and college essays to enhance admissions or scholarship application visibility with a competitive edge.  


Course Details:


  • 6-hour lecture/workshop course (laptops required)

  • 3 hours of Private Editing

  • Polish college application content for various platforms

  • Create two, well-crafted edited essays

  • Complete a professional resume

Academic Skills Boot Camp

Cost: $150

Objective: This six-hour, one-day course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to both fundamental and advanced academic skills geared toward building college-ready habits. 


Course Details:

  • Develop pre and post-class prep, and test preparation skills. 

  • Understand how academic skills lead to professional skills.

  • Time management techniques and how to implement them.

  • Identify personal learning style(s) and incorporate them into study habits.

  • Understand college-level expectations and incrementally build habits for success. 

AGP Leadership Course

Cost: $250

Objective: This course is designed to help the student develop a deeper understanding of their high school experience and enhance their leadership skills within peer groups.


Course Details:

  • Four-phase development course to increase the student’s sphere of influence. 

  • Develop a greater self-awareness of academic and extracurricular interests.

  • Understand and further develop career/major interests.

  • Refine a set of strengths and skills to effectively lead peer groups.