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College Application &

Essay Services

(AGP) has developed multiple college prep courses to meet the evolving needs of each high school student. These courses can complement our consulting and test prep services, or be taken individually by the student. 


Application & Essay Workshop
Cost: $400

Objective: Refine your student’s application content and college essays to enhance admissions or scholarship application visibility with a competitive edge.  


Course Details:


  • 9-hour workshop course (laptops required)

  • Polish college application content for either Apply Texas or Common APP

  • Create a unique and well-crafted personal statement essay and (2) short answer statements

  • 1-hour of professional editing included


Senior College Application Service
Cost: $1,350

Objective: Twelve hours of comprehensive, one-on-one support to guide families through the college application and essay process.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can specifically help your family. Each additional hour is $100 per hour.


Assistance can be used for:

  • Researching colleges and identifying majors that best fit the student.

  • Curating and polishing application content for multiple application platforms.

  • Start to finish private coaching to create well-crafted essays (both college applications and scholarships).

  • Guidance on recommendation letters.

  • Provide assistance in developing a well-balanced list of safety, high/low match, and reach schools.

Lisa college essays.jpg

College Application & Essay Pack
Cost: $750

Objective: Six hours of private consultation to craft an exceptional personal narrative essay and add the finishing touches to their college applications. Perfect for those families who want a small amount of assistance through the college admission process. Each additional hour is $115 per hour.


Assistance can be used for:

  • Curating and polishing application content.

  • Start to finish private coaching to create well-crafted essays.

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