SAT & ACT Test Prep Services

We offer FREE SAT/ACT Analysis and preparation these exams are available either in a classroom environment or private coaching at our office located in College Station, TX. Also, we are well equipped to deliver our services virtually and recently, have placed a test prep coach in Dallas, TX who can meet face to face. 


Our teaching philosophy is simple. Educate students on the structure of each section, teach them to recognize and diagnose specific types of problems, and execute strategies with confidence for a specific test. We also provide detailed, analytical reports to indicate areas of content mastery and where improvement is needed.


Overall, our goal is to help your student achieve their desired Target Score, and we are committed until their goal is met.


Test Prep Services:

  • SAT or ACT Analysis: Free with Registration of Services

  • Each family is provided with one free 30-minute End of Course consultation. 

  • Each test prep service is provided with a baseline test to measure their progress. 

  • *Point guarantee pertains to baseline SAT score at or below a 1300, and an ACT at or below a 31. Students with scores above these metrics will have modified goals.

  • Each test prep service comes with a money-back guarantee.

SAT & ACT Test Prep - Course Options
SAT Book.jpg

Cost: $795 

SAT Test Prep Course

  • 22 hours of Instruction

  • (4) Practice Tests & (2) Reviews

  • Open Tutoring Sessions Included

  • 100-point Guarantee

ACT Book.jpg

Cost: $795

ACT Test Prep Course

  • 23 hours of Instruction

  • (4) Practice Tests & (2) Reviews

  • Open Tutoring Sessions Included

  • 3-point Guarantee

SAT ACT Book pic.jpg

Cost: $750

Course Plus Private Option

  • Extend any SAT/ACT course with (10) hours of personalized private coaching.

  • Plan based on student's analytics.

  • SAT 150-point/ACT 4-point Guarantee


SAT & ACT Test Prep - Private Coaching
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Cost: $550

Six-Hour Competitive

  • Personalized Instruction 

  • Designed to target a specific subject area.

  • Intended for students seeking gains within a short window.

Schedule Free Consultation

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Cost: $4,000

Elite Unlimited Plan

  • Six months of Unlimited Private   Instruction. (Contact us for longer plans.)

  • Recommended for students seeking large gains.

  • SAT 200-pt and ACT 6-pt guarantee. 

AGP2019_ - 55.JPG

Cost: $1,300

15 Hr - Elite Custom

  • Intended for High Scorers  & National Merit (SAT 1300 +/ACT 30 +)

  • Designed to target weak areas.

  • SAT & ACT Point Guarantee

  • $85/hour for each additional hour

AGP2019_ - 57.JPG

Cost: $2,500

32-hour Comprehensive

  • 32 hours of Private Coaching

  • Recommended for students with comprehensive needs.

  • $75/hour for each additional hour

  • SAT 150-pt and ACT 5-pt guarantee