Personalized Family Consultation

Avant Garde – College Prep Services (AGP) gives our students the tools to follow their passions, enhance their experiences, and promote early college success. Parents using our services can expect their student to be more competitive for both college admissions and merit-based scholarships. Students can expect to enter college with practical skills promoting higher GPAs, active campus engagement, and a greater understanding of available resources.
(AGP) can also assist families via long-distance consulting, conducted through video chats, texts, phone calls and emails. For all clients, we utilize an online college-planning software to track communications, document your records and chart your student’s progress all the way through application submission.
Below are the four main areas that we can address with family consultation.
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    Maximize Development
    • Build academic habits that translate to college-ready skills.

    • Understand various time management practices and effectively implement them.

    • Goal setting skills that lead to achievement.

    • Explore early career interests and cultivate them.

    • Develop an "ownership" mindset of personal growth opportunities.

  • 02

    Develop Leadership skills
    • Discover individual strengths and to utilize them in various environments.

    • Understand how to navigate peer environments.

    • Enhance professional communications skills.

    • Lead with confidence within group settings.

  • 03

    Enrich Personal Interests
    • Confirm passions and interests through experiential learning.

    • Identify volunteering opportunities that develop career and professional skills.

    • Connect students to internship and research positions.

    • Create a plan that supports self-directed enrichment.

    • Develop your personal narrative or "hook" for college applications.

  • 04

    College Prep Logistics
    • Map out an academic plan supporting interests and rigor.

    • Develop a well-balanced list of safety, match, and reach schools.

    • Assist in the planning of college visits.

    • Create a personalized test prep plan of SAT/ACT, AP, and Subject Tests.

    • Unlimited editing of college applications and scholarship essays

    • College admissions and scholarship interview preparation.

Avant Garde. College Prep Redefined.

  • Unlimited communication via email, phone calls, meetings, video chats, and texts.

  • Continuous support monitoring your college planning efforts.

  • Prepare with confidence for your first choice school.

  • Save your family and student time,  money, and effort. 

  • Accept only (10) clients per grade-level to ensure premium access to services. 

Consulting Plans

AGP Advantage

Our AGP Advantage redefines the college prep process, giving confidence to the family as they prepare for their first-choice institution. Our internal scoring metric, based on 15 factors, holistically measuring the student in all areas that colleges use to evaluate an application.
Our AGP Advantage has been refined over many years of analyzing application pools of over 20,000 students and successfully modified it for all colleges.  We accurately predict your student's standing in any application pool, allowing us to give you precise recommendations to improve chances of admission. 

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