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Listen to the third episode of AGP Redefined!

In this episode, Lisa talks with Brandon Topf and Isabelle Wong about college application essays and short answer questions.

Discussion Topics:

- Where to start with college applications

- What to include in a college application essay to enhance your resume

- How short answer questions can help you find the right college for you

Check out this episode on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music (see below!). If you're interested in more testing and college application tips, follow us on social media and subscribe to us on YouTube or your favorite podcast streaming platform!

AGP Redefined is a chance for remarkable students to share their stories and experiences as they take on high school and college preparations. This is a platform where other individuals in the process of taking standardized tests (like the SAT and ACT) and applying for college can learn from their peers' real experiences!

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