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student groups

These organizations are primarily led by students and advised by AGP staff members to assist in their growth and development as a club, and as individuals. There is no fee associated with joining them.

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College Station Code Society accepts members at any level of coding skill and helps enhance their abilities through group coding projects and lessons. This student-led organization provides opportunities to hear from industry professionals who work with programming and computers everyday. More advanced members are given opportunities to participate in coding competitions (including USACO) and collaborate on more challenging problems. Members also are given a chance to learn how to write code for drones and fly drones in competitions!


Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Entreprenuership


FAME (Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Entrepreneurship) is a group intended for high school students seeking to gain an understanding of various fields of business and how they interact and overlap with one another. Members will learn about each field through student competitions, case studies, volunteering, and directly from industry professionals.

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