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  • Chris Scoggins

3 Qualities of Lifetime Scholars

Students come in many forms. Some have the natural drive to make school a priority; others may be kept in the classroom only to cross the stage at graduation. What the latter students fail to realize is how essential the attributes of scholarship are for not only for academic success in high school and college, but also in success throughout life. Here are three ways to help your child become a lifetime scholar:

Hunger to Learn:

A hunger to learn is a staple among high-achieving students. They have the ability to strive to always discover, making every subject, no matter how boring initially, interesting for themselves. Parents can help to garner this attribute in their students by pushing them to explore new interests and helping them see the benefits of learning by applying it to their existing goals. Developing this quality in a student will allow them to not only be successful with difficult courses in college, but also in the workplace, giving them an ability to learn and adapt to any required information for on the job.

Learn to Never Quit:

Persistence is an often highly valued quality in our society. While there are situations on occasion where it may be valued to throw in the towel, this application of persistence applies specifically to problem solving. Teaching your students to never quit difficult applications has benefits because it forces them to look at problems in different angles. Parents can develop this quality in their students by challenging them in new ways. Is their computer broken? Make them take it apart and fix it instead of paying for help. Opportunities like this will challenge their knowledge and force them to think in new ways, along with the personal reward of having done something with their own hands. If they can see it to the finish, they will develop an invaluable life skill.

Challenge Yourself Always:

While humans tend to choose the path more traveled, encourage your student to branch out. Develop within them a love for challenging themselves by always pushing them, and reminding them of the rewards challenges can bring. Encouraging your student to branch out in a foreign language may help your student discover a love of other cultures, which may encourage them to pursue a study abroad experience which will further your development. Helping your student develop this quality can lead to a lifetime of enriching experiences both in school and beyond.

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