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  • Robb Jenson

3 Tips for Selecting Your Best Essay Topic

one of the most difficult aspects of crafting a quality essay: the topic selection. An engaging and well-developed topic not only makes it more exciting for your reader, but also helps you as the writer create a work of substance. Take a look at our three tips to help you pick a topic that is sure to impress the admissions panel.

1. Avoid writing about your parents

You may admire your parents, but this topic is one that will be done time and time again by other students, and you want something that will stand out from the crowd. The essay serves as an intimate window for the admissions panel to see you, the applicant. If you’re going to write about your parents, make sure the focus is on you, your growth, and your personal experiences.

2. Sports injury or teamwork in sports

This is another topic that is written often by students. If you choose this route make it more than a glimpse of overcoming an adverse injury or working together as a team. These same experiences can be found in many areas outside of sports. If you choose sports as your topic, try to make your experience unique to the athletic community.

3. Community Service and helping others.

Community service is great, but it is better to tell about a specific family or individual you’ve helped rather than give a general overview of your service. Show your reader how your service has helped not only specific individuals, but also the community at large for the better.

Just remember, in selecting a topic you want to pick something that will showcase to the admissions panel your experience and character from a perspective that is uniquely yours. Selecting a topic that fits your personality and strengths and stands out from the competition is your best bet. Until next time, best of luck AGPr’s!

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