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  • Chris Scoggins

5 Tips for Using Enrichment Programs to Beef Up Your College Prep

So, summer time is here. Well, not exactly, but it's not too early to start your summer college prep plans since many applications will soon open. One element of your college prep planning should contain summer camps and other enrichment programs. For many, this is an underutilized area that doesn't have to cost as much as you think. There are a number of week-long programs that are either free or relatively inexpensive that will benefit your college prep this summer.

So, why should you spend your precious time participating in one of these programs and how is it going to help you? Follow these five tips by AGP and you’ll be on your way to (almost) summer fun.

- Get a Taste: Many of these programs are on college campuses, so it gives you the opportunity to check them out as well and learn more about a potential college campus what you may be looking for in a school. Also, you’ll get an idea of how life is like from home for an extended period of time and how far is too far from home.

- Career Insight: Often these programs are directed to particular majors or career pathways, and this is a great time for you to take a test drive, learn more about the academic side, and receive some more mental preparation. Also, the programs often have hands-on activities to help you learn more about a potential career.

- Get Away: Learn to live on your own some, meet some new students who possess the same fervor and passion for a particular interest as you do. Get out there and learn something new about yourself that will help you grow more as a person without the help of your parents.

- How Well do you Stack Up?: Sure, you may be a big fish in your pond but how do you compare to other students across the region, state or nation? Get out there and compete with others to find out how well your skills and talents compare to other students. This will help you discover your strengths, weakness and how much you stand to improve before college.

- Boost your College Applications: Many college admissions reps want to see you being productive with your summers. This is a great opportunity to further your career and major personal development while learning more about potential colleges.

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