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AGP student finds a pathway to success through her love of writing

Many students look at writing like a chore. It is another obstacle to overcome for an essay test or another daunting part of college admissions. This isn’t the case for students like Rani Schwartz. For Rani Schwartz, writing is an effortless way to express creativity while making a meaningful difference.

“I hope to use my love of writing to affect positive change in the world around me,” Rani said. “ I love writing because I can pour out all my emotion into my pieces and can really connect with audiences.”

Schwartz first came to Avant Garde – College Prep Services (AGP) as a sophomore, looking for guidance in the college admissions process. Her father, Marc Schwartz, was looking for something all-encompassing that would help Rani with all aspects of the college admissions process.

“What I like most about Robb’s services is that they are very comprehensive,” Marc said. “I think Avant Garde has had a tremendous effect on Rani’s development as a student. After working with them and the experiences she has had, she has developed confidence to the point that she feels she can attend any college. ”

Rani initially came to AGP with only a love of studying the humanities with the idea that she would pursue a career in medicine. However, through Rani’s time at AGP, her love of the humanities quickly manifested into a desire to pursue her passion for writing.

“Rani was unclear what career path would best suit her,” Marc said. “ Through the many experiences at Avant Garde, she has been able to find that she can use her talents in writing and her love of history and science to pursue a career in law.”

Rani has had the opportunity to explore and gain a better understanding of her love of the humanities thanks to AGP. Rani had the opportunity to work on a six-week independent research project focusing on humanities within field of medicine with Dr. Barbara Gastel, the program coordinator for the master’s program in Science and Technology Journalism at Texas A&M University. She also had the opportunity to connect with the Duke Summer Writing Camp through her time as an AGP student, helping to confirm her desire to study English. She is currently looking at attending Duke University or Yale, two schools with some of the top English programs in the country.

“I was able to discover my love for humanities as opposed to the field of medicine,” Rani said. “ Through studying there [at Duke] I was able to learn the value of responsibility and self sufficiency in a college environment.”

As Rani reflects on her future, she intends to continue developing herself further and pursuing her interests to the best of her ability.

“ I’d love to pursue an undergraduate degree in English and then later I would love to attend law school,” Rani said. “I’m so thankful for everything Avant Garde has done for me and I am looking forward to the future.”

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