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Luke Meadows - Tackling Big Ideas Through Words and Connections

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

A Cross Country runner, a Football Star, a Basketball player, a Soccer player, a Track Athlete, and a Baseball player walks into the theatre room, where a young thespian begins rehearsing his lines for an upcoming production. How many people are currently in the theatre room?


Luke Meadows is a big guy - physically, mentally, and probably even spiritually and emotionally. He possesses a creative resume beyond his years, is a member of every acronymous student group imaginable, and is the President of both Student Council and Honour Council at Allen Academy, where he will be entering his senior year.

While Luke may look like the paragon protagonist of every high school movie - jock, excellent student, popular - he actually boasts the skills, personalities, and aspirations of an entire ensemble cast! Beyond the various sports fields on which he plays, Luke is making big moves in the broadcasting field as the founder of two podcasts (available on Spotify): The Rundown and The Luke Meadows Experience: Interesting People, Interesting Stories. “I got tired of kinda just being a stereotype”, Luke said of his drive to make connections through his podcasts. While he has parted ways with The Rundown, his work on The Luke Meadows Experience is becoming increasingly intense, and rather impressive.

Through his Podcast, Luke has connected with poets, activists, and educators, all focused on the importance of open dialogue in the creation of a more inclusive future and stronger social foundation. His guests range from local celebrities to national personalities. Luke sat down with his own History teacher, Bryan Hunt, to discuss personal growth, continued education, and the nuances of modern masculinity. T.J. Distefano spoke with Luke about meditation and spirituality as they relate to self-improvement. Spoken Word Poet Micah Bourne, author of “Native Tongue”, has even appeared on the podcast, offering his own insights on racial injustice, especially as it relates to language, expression, and ownership of those concepts.

These are huge topics for a high schooler to tackle, but Luke knows that his work matters, that his voice can be the megaphone through which other voices are heard. He understands his place in this world, and uses that position to lift others up, to shine light where there has been darkness, and to ask questions where there has been silence. And he does so with grace and love. Luke’s favorite guest to date was Huwe Burton. Mr. Burton spent 20 years of his life incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. He was a victim of racial injustice and societal silence in Brooklyn in the 90s. Mr. Burton was just 16 years old. At 16, Mr Burton was being interrogated as a suspect in his own mother’s murder, while at 16 Luke Meadows was interviewing him as a small step forward in social unity. Luke is using his (now 17 year old) voice for everyone who did not have one at that age, or who goes unheard at any age. Why does he do this? Luke says, “I like knowing the fact that I can do big things in my life that impact others”. What better way than to help others share their stories?

Luke’s huge, and BOLD, personality is something that has been making an impact on others since he was quite young. Bryan Hunt, History teacher at Allen Academy, shared these words about Luke:

“The first time I met Luke Meadows was on the first day of school (mine and his) at Allen Academy. As a boisterous sixth grader, Luke sauntered over to me, stood immediately in front of me, looked straight up at my face and announced, “You’re not that tall.” This boldness and charisma matured into an insatiable appetite for deep learning, dynamic growth, and big picture thinking. Luke’s physical size and athleticism could easily fool people into thinking that he is simply a jock. Make no mistake—he is incredibly athletic and competitive—but he is also a creative thinker, a magnetic thespian, a gifted writer, an innovative podcaster, and a thoughtful philanthropist. Many claim that they think outside the box. Luke actually lives outside the box. As a matter of fact, he has never existed inside the box. In a world full of cookie cutter people, Luke is refreshingly original. While others are busy figuring out what “the right answer” is, Luke is leaning into the unknown, generating big ideas, adapting on the fly, building meaningful relationships, and living vigorously. “

Luke says he has always been drawn to BIG ideas. He is constantly working on the next big thing, but sometimes he struggles with bringing an idea from inspiration to execution. He believes his work with Robb Jenson at Avant Garde - College Prep Services (AGP) was a turning point in the pursuit of his biggest ideas. Luke had the following to share about his experience with Robb Jenson and AGP:

“Robb helped me bring my ideas to life. All my big ideas would be just that if it weren’t for Robb and his guidance. I didn’t even think I liked writing before Robb nudged me in the right direction. I credit a vast amount of my portfolio and different ideas to Robb and Avant Garde.”

Luke, however, isn’t just an accomplished Podcast host: he is also an accomplished writer. After being nudged by Robb toward documenting his big ideas, fleshing them out into more concrete narratives, and creating pathways for bringing those ideas to fruition, Luke discovered his passion for the written word. Through this passion, and the support of AGP, he has found opportunities with Ole’ Miss’ Rebel Walk and University of Texas - Austin’s Burnt Orange Nation, as well as smaller publications (including an article for Avant Garde’s affiliate, Go-Baby-Go - publication forthcoming).

Luke has also maintained his own personal blog, The Meadows Minute, since his freshman year. Always wanting to include others and create opportunity for the masses, he also founded a school blog and media source for Allen Academy - The Ram Report. For now, Luke is the major contributor, but he is working this year to build a staff and infrastructure that will ensure the Ram Report is at Allen for years to come.

A huge fan of athletics, and a letterman in SIX varsity sports, Luke has been drawn to study Sports Broadcasting. However, his more recent interests in podcasts, blogging, and social discourse are leading him toward a minor in journalism. Whatever his trajectory, we know he will not only find individual success, but also affect change in the lives of those around him. But we aren’t the only huge fans of this student with big ideas. His first, and biggest, fan is his mother, Amy Short, who had this to say about Luke:

“Luke is an amazing young man. He’s one of those people who lights up the room and is definitely “the life of the party!” He has a zest for life and a positive outlook that seems to bring out the best in everyone else around him. Luke plays and lives BIG; he’s a leader in the classroom, on the football field, in student government, and on the theater stage.”

We are all rooting for you, Luke. In every field you enter, do big things.

If you have a student interested in pursuing their own big ideas, or big steps in their college prep journey, reach out to us via our website or call us TODAY at (979) 571-6872.

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