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  • Robb Jenson

So My College Applications are Submitted... Now What?

The post-application season can seem to drag on for many, however, there are

many things you can be doing to not only maximize your potential, but also help

ease the passage of time as you're anxiously waiting for those final admission

decisions. For the majority of schools, most decisions are made by the January or

February benchmark. For elite schools, it’s not uncommon to be left waiting until

after Spring Break to learn about your admissions decision. Yikes. Don’t worry

though; there is plenty for you to do to pass the time.

- Double Check Your Required Documents: Check your college's web

portal and make sure they have all your required documents; it would be

rather unfortunate to find your decision delayed for lack of inaction on

your part. Some may ask for a mid-year grade report, others may have

missed a waiver or a forgotten recommendation letter. If you find such

errors, make sure to shore these up and quickly complete them.

- Financial Aid: Make sure you've started this process by now if you

haven't already. With the new FSA ID and change in eligible tax return

data, many colleges are awarding funds sooner and you'll want to make

sure you receive all the financial support that you can.

- Make your Case: Visit your schools of choice whether through an

individual visit or one coordinated by the college and speak to your

regional admission counselor. Help them get to know you, your interests

and your hopes and dreams. If you believe you may be on the outside

looking in, take a visit and help them understand why you deserve to be


- Scholarship Money: Take the time to fill the void by completing

scholarship applications. Every cent counts, and there are always

applications floating around. You will be glad you did this later.

- Kill the Stress: Once you've done all you can, put your mind at ease that

it is now in the hands of the admission counselors and that no amount of

worrying is going to change that. In the end, you'll be much happier and

satisfied with either decision knowing you gave your best effort.

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