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  • Chris Scoggins

The Importance of Authenticity in Your College Essays

Authenticity. It’s important in more things than just writing, but for the aspiring

college student, we argue, it’s almost everything. That may be a shock for some of

you, after all, isn’t the point of your college admissions essays to be well written and

engaging, impressing your reader. Yes, and no, read below and you can find out why.

- You Want to Stand Out? Try Being Real:

Maybe you think you don’t have any life experiences worth writing about, and that’s

ok. The point is to write about something that is significant to you. Maybe that is

summers playing baseball and what you learned on the field, or maybe your

grandmother passed away and it affected you profoundly. Those are real things, and

while they are things that happen to most other people, the trick is conveying them

in a way that makes the reader see you can communicate well, and that you can

impart feeling and wisdom of your own through your writing.

- But What About People With Great Stories?:

Think you won’t be competitive because John Doe wrote about his summer trip

teaching orphaned kids how to read? Don’t sweat it. Yes, it makes for a compelling

and emotional story, but what they are looking for is excellent communication and a

sense of who you are as a person. They won’t get a feel of that if you aren’t being

authentic. In fact, if you’re being fake in order to impress them, they will tell right

away. Don’t let that happen.

- What If It’s Hard for Me To Communicate Authenticity?

We get it, no one said it would be easy, but it’s important. If this is a challenge for

you, try keeping a journal in the short term. When you make your entries, try to

write as if someone else was reading about a day in your life. The events are real, the

only thing you have to practice is communicating them well, and delivering for your

reader that emotional response.

If the ability to write in an authentic fashion escapes you, it’s ok. That’s why AGP is

here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can improve

more than just your writing skills.

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