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  • Chris Scoggins

The Value of Learning a Foreign Language

Think learning a foreign language is more trouble than it is work? Think again students! Foreign language skills speak well of a college candidate to admissions professionals. Here are three examples as to how it can help you stand our in unique ways.

- College Admissions Value a Culturally Well-Rounded Candidate

The ability to learn a language often comes with required cultural experiences to become truly fluent. Having these experiences show you can work with people who not only think and communicate differently from you, but also live differently. This is an important skill for professional development and collegiate growth in academic environments, as you will work with individuals from many different backgrounds. Being culturally fluent goes a long way in proving this to the admissions team that you will thrive in a college environment.

- It Shows You Have Persistence

Anyone can tell you that learning a foreign language isn’t easy. To truly learn a language, it requires total immersion and constant hours of practice. Being able to demonstrate this to admissions professionals means that they will recognize that you are persistent, a highly sought after quality in college level students. Universities want students that will go the distance in their academic career and stay in school, and this is a way to can set yourself apart.

- It Implies Academic Success

Having the ability to study and learn a foreign language while balancing difficult coursework and other activities shows that you can balance a strong academic life responsibilities with other commitments, something essential for a college environment. You may be forced to work in school to maintain a standard of living while taking high-level courses. Having a foreign language skill shows that you can have a strong sense of work-life balance and are prepared for a rigorous college experience.

It is true that you can exhibit these skills in other ways, but there are few avenues like a foreign language that can display your abilities so well to admissions professionals. So, get to studying students!

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