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  • Chris Scoggins

Three Ways to Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills

Students, it’s not easy to think critically, but it is important. The ability to think critically helps you stand out from the average student by demonstrating a unique academic aptitude. However, it isn’t something that can easily be developed. With our three tips, we’ll help you boost your critical thinking skills in no time.

- Think Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box is a phrase often used, but too often misunderstood and incorrectly applied. Thinking outside the box doesn’t just mean being creative, it means thinking in new ways in regards to everyday problems or challenges. You can do this by, instead of handling simple tasks the way you always do, looking at new ways to accomplish these tasks. Maybe you’ve always completed your chores in a certain way, but try to think of new ways to do your chores more efficiently every time. Acting in this way, even with everyday problems you can already accomplish, will force you to approach larger and larger problems in this way, creating a strong penchant for critical thinking.

- Continually Challenge Yourself

Critical thinking is a product of rigorous intellectual pursuits. Your critical thinking will never develop if you are not pushing yourself as a student, or in new ways to think about the world. Pushing yourself is the water and soil which feeds your critical thinking abilities. Make sure to water often, otherwise,

your ability to think in new and different patterns will be diminished.

- Make it a Habit

Any good athlete or academic knows that good training and hard work is a result of habitual work. Habitual and rigorous training often leads to success. So, you have to approach critical thinking in the same way: continual and habitual training will make a pattern in the way you think, making critical thinking a permanent part of your thought process.

Best of luck students, by sticking to these tips you can help yourself learn to think differently and make critical thinking a great academic strength.

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