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  • Robb Jenson

Top 3 Tips to write a winning college admissions essay

Writing a polished college essay that will impress admissions personnel takes more than just a winning topic and a steady writing hand. Students’ essays need to be authentic and engaging without making an admissions team feel like they’ve read it all before. To that end, we’ve compiled 3 tips for you to write a winning essay that is sure to stand out with the admissions panel.

  • Don’t try so hard to impress the reviewers; authenticity is key. But isn’t the whole goal to impress the admissions panel? In a word, yes, but it’s best to do so without crafting a dramatic and possibly far-fetched essay. The reviewers want you to write an essay that speaks to your character and values as a person. Personal stories and simple life lessons are more valued than flash without substance, and the reviewers are smart enough to tell when you are trying too hard.

  • Don’t repeat the information listed in your application. Stay away from the cut and dry facts stated in the resume you will already be including. Use your essay to instead paint a picture using the details. If you’re particularly proud of your community service, use this opportunity to showcase how a specific experience has affected you for the better, changed your outlook, or revealed a personal truth, not as another avenue boast about the amount of hours you have completed.

  • Your essays should reveal your winning personality. In the same way a firm handshake reflects a lot about a person, so to does your essay act as a reflection of yourself, so use it to your advantage. Write in a style that reflects your personality, sense of humor and personal attitude within good taste. This is your way of conveying yourself to the reader in the absence of a face-to-face meeting, and your best way to make a good impression.

Just remember: authenticity, originality and personality are all key. Best of luck AGPr’s, we’ll see you for our next post!

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